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noise=noise was established in 2006 by Ryan Jordan as a live performance event aiming to develop a platform and network of artists, programmers, and researchers, working in the areas of noise, experimental, exploratory, and outsider arts. The first events took place in The Foundry in London and then moved on sporadically through derelict warehouses, back rooms of pubs, town halls, a beach, karaoke bars, contemporary art and academic instituions, squats, community centres, through airwaves and telluric currents. Over the years it has showcased hundreds of artists, academics, hackers, dancers, and performers ranging from the internationally acclaimed to the underground lurker.

Noise=Noise, Goldsmiths London, 18 March 2009 from macumbista on Vimeo.

Since 2010 noise=noise has been delivering a broad range of workshops in various FLOSS and DIY hard and software for the creation of audiovisual tools and techniques for live performance, installation, and personal research and development. These workshops cover programmes such as SuperCollider, Pure Data, and din, as well as DIY electronics projects, synth building, and detector workshops.
These workshops are an attempt to support some kind of alternative learning environment open to anyone interested in pursuing such activities. The whole point of noise=noise is to create an environment which allows people the freedom to experiment, learn and explore. By doing this we can hopefully better understand ourselves and support one another whilst maintaining and nurturing our communities.

noise=noise aims to build a body of work based around experimental computational and electronic arts, culture, and thought. And also to do the following:
  • offer opportunities to a broad range of people
  • provide low/no budget workshops, education, and events
  • to have a DIY and FLOSS ethic
  • to practice experimental electronic and digital arts
  • that anyone can do it
  • to support the community
  • to provide alternative education

  • A vague timeline:
    2006 - 2011 : London. Sporadic nomadic events with The Foundry, APO33 and Area 10, Butcher Corner, Ampersand, Performance Space, Tamon Miyakita, DA! Collective, and more.
    2011 - 2014 : Secure fixed space at Unit 73a Regent Studios in London.
    2014 - 2016 : Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. Sporadic nomadic events with Den Zone, Floating Projects, xxx, a rock.
    late 2016 : Basel, Switzerland. One event in a basement streaming through the internet.
    From 2017 : Ipswich, UK..........

    martinhowse noise=noise august 2011 from pickledfeet on Vimeo.