go back from whence you came...

Basilisks underground placard
"...the heathen produce basilisks in an underground structure made of stones that admits just a little light."


This edition of the Placard Headphone Festival will take place in an underground structure made of stones in Basel and leak out into streams through the internet.

Saturday 8th October 2016, Basel, Switzerland & the Internet


Le Placard is a headphone concert festival, playing with concentration, intimacy, time warp, and teleportation.
Le Placard

p-node is an experimental platform for the development of a hybrid web/FM radio format.

NNNNN is noise=noise.

The Critical Media Lab believes that technologies are imminently radical.
Critical Media Lab

Local participants

Nilbog / Evil Moisture / Silvia Kastel / STEINER / Tilla Kunzli / Pure Mania / Ryan Jordan

Remote participants

Sky Jelly (Boston, USA) / Julien Ottavi (Nantes, France) / Roger Mills (Sydney, Australia) / John Hopkins (Boulder, USA)

The basilisks stench is a sharp, nauseating, burnt, sickening fish-like odour...


Currently seeking contributions for live performances from artists in Basel and surrounding cantons, or further afield if you are willing to travel.

>. The performances are for headphones only, no speakers or sound system, and will be streamed live online.
>. A latter open call will possibly be sent for remote streaming performances, but currently just seeking people who can be physically present.

Live performances can be anything (noise, spoken word, breakcore, folklore, live coding, electronic alchemy, etc etc). Specially interested in contributions relating to the basilisk, the legendary king of the serpents and guardian of the city of Basel.

Interested? Then send an email to ryan at nnnnn dot org dot uk