…an experimental laboratory for the construction of equipment to test theories of communication with the afterlife.

We have actually touched the borderland where matter and force seem to merge into one another, the shadowy realm between the Known and the Unknown which for me has always had peculiar temptations.1)


retro-death-telegraphy is an experimental workshop where participants will explore and build a range of devices which have at some point been believed to have the potential to aid in communication with the afterlife.

This workshop refers to the pre-cursors of digital technology and wireless communications of the Victorian era as these then new devices were situated within a popular spiritualist religious context with many scientists of the day regularly attending seances. For some the new devices being developed held potential spiritual powers, where for others were determined to expose mediums as fraudulent.

An interesting group appeared recently in the 1990's in a small village in the county of Norfolk, UK. They were known as the Scole Experimental Group and carried out hours of experiments and seances which allegedly provided many physical objects appearing in the room, images and text's appearing on blank film, balls of light appearing and two-way conversations taking place via a technological device constructed by the group but dictated to them from a “spirit team”. The experiments are reportedly one of the most scientifically scrutinized and observed projects to attempt to prove the existence of life after death.

The workshop will focus specifically on the Scole Experimental Group's Germanium Trans-Dimensional Communication Receptor; a technological device reportedly constructed in 1990's to aid with two-way communication with the afterlife. This device consists of a piece of germanium crystal with a point contact attached to two 5000 ohm coils and the signal of this is passed through a battery powered amplifier to loudspeakers.

Upon construction of this device the participants of the workshop are invited to join a séance to test these theories. If they are proven correct then this may serve as proof to the existence of immortality and life after death.

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Lab experiments

Some experiments which will be explored during the session

Germanium trans-dimensional communication receptor

In the 1990's The Scole Experimental Group carried out investigations into life after death. One of their devices to aid in communication with the afterlife was the Germanium trans-dimensional communication receptor.

Crude germanium TDC with voodoo plate.

Recording made in October 2012

Cathode ray instrumental trans-communication

Initiate of The Golden Dawn, frequenter of seances, president of the Society for Psychical Research, and president of the Royal Society in 1913, William Crookes also made extensive studies of cathode rays and tubes discovering what he describes as 'radiant matter'. This later became known in physics as plasma.

Image credit: Reo West


The séance will take place at the end of the workshop.

It is envisaged that it will take the form of a traditional séance although all participants will be seated around an upturned television set and all the devices constructed during the laboratory will be turned on. It is open for the participants interpretation and input.


Video: Tomoroh Hidari : Ivory Bunker

Navigating The Unknown from Melissa Bliss on Vimeo.

Video: Melissa Bliss, Patrizia Carlota and Alex Harrison

Previous workshop

19th January 2013 @ nnnnn, London.

1) William Crookes, 'On Radiant Matter', Nature, 20 (September 1897). Cited in Faces Of The Living Dead by Martyn Jolly 2006.
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