Beef curtain, 27/07/2013, London. Unknown photogrpaher.
Greenmay, 07/08/2015, Hong Kong. Image credit: Lea Lyu.
Not sure who's playing. Not sure when. Sometime, London. Unkown photographer.
His Namelessness is Legion drinks a beer, 27/07/2013, London. Unkown photogrpaher.
Jonathan Kemp with laptop fried in acid, 13/04/2013, London. Unkown photographer.
21/02/2014, London.
People, 25/02/2012, London.
Aqua Dentata, 25/02/2102, London.
People, 2017, Ipswich.
Exstraternek, 2017, Ipswich.
Logo by Luke Jordan
Lijs Huyck, 08/12/2012, London. Unkown photogrpaher.
Flyer, 08/12/2012, London.
Logo put into Gimp and buttons pressed, Ipswich, 2020.
Paul Yip, 22/01/2016, Hong Kong. Unkown photographer.
People, 07/08/2015, Hong Kong. Image credit: Lea Lyu.
Sidabitball, Minka Stoyanova, 07/08/2015, Hong Kong. Image credit: Lea Lyu.
Italian Books, 2017, Ipswich.
Stone Grill, 2017, Ipswich.
Flyer, 02/03/2020, Ipswich.
Flyer, 09/06/2020, London.
Flyer, 12/10/2019, Ipswich.
People, 15/08/2011, London. Unknown photogrpaher.
J7, 01/07/2017, Ipswich. Unknown photographer.
Toxic Overdose, 11/08/2017, Ipswich. Unkown photographer.
Stone Grill, 07/04/2017, Ipswich. Image credit: Adrian Manning.
Total Panic Mode, 22/09/2018, London. Image credit: Naddy Sane.
Ryan Jordan, 22/01/2016, Hong Kong. Image credit: Campo Tse.
Logo by Luke Jordan.
Someone, 17/03/2012, London.
The Loft, 31/03/2018, Ipswich.
Pascal Savy, 31/03/2018, Ipswich.
unknown, 2019.
Shack, 2016.
unknown, 2019, Ipswich.
Running order, 25/02/2012, London.
VJ Flickering Light, 2010?, London.
Baraclough, 25/10/2008, London. Image credit: Punctuum
Kayaka, 25/10/2008, London. Image credit: Punctuum.
Flyer, 2006.