[nnnnn] Algorave 18/04/2013

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Tue Apr 16 07:04:52 CDT 2013


Trailblazing generative music phenomenon Algorave concludes the first
round of The Transceiver Series onboard visiting culture ship MS Stubnitz.

Dance away your preconceptions about electronic music, as they compose the
soundtrack to a good night out using real-time algorithms.

Algoraves are parties where computer algorithms are involved in music
production. Algorithms have long been used in music, famously by Mozart,
Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage and more recently by Autechre. Algorave
parties follow this line but put the attention back on the audience, where
alien sounds of rave music are augmented with the alien structures of
algorithmic composition, and the audience finds new ways to enjoy and
dance to the music.

The Algorave community is international and fast-growing, and this event
bring together emerging artists from Mexico, Sydney and Newport Pagnell.
Mico Rex fuse together punk acid with exuberant vocals fresh from the
fandangos of Mexico City. Yee-King develops his drill n’ bass sound from
his Rephlex classic “SuperUser”, combining live coding with live drumpad
drilling. This list of innovators goes on; Andrew Sorensen massages his
live algorithms into algorithmic trance, slub producing their trademark
dirty, pure functional gabber techno, Sick Lincoln performing dynamical
datapop with algoravethms to make your mind and body spin, Norah Lorway
developing her lush ambience into pounding procedural glitch, Luuma
manipulating multiple devices and interfaces to make industrial dystopian
darkfloor, Hernani Villaseñor introducing acousmatic music into aleatoric
percussion, and Section 9 live coding house which is both progressive
and recursive.

All of these performers will make their algorithmic instruments and
languages as visible as possible, but the point isn’t to understand the
algorithm, but to understand the music; to reclaim technology for the
people and to enjoy it together.


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